Private strawberries

Welcome to a little look at my private world!
Here are a few of my private strawberries.
If I may call them so...
Iceland is a very beautiful place.
The nature and the silence is fantastic.
This is St Lucia – a tropical paradise.
I went there in 2000.
I have never seen anything so beautiful.
Mysterious island full of secrets and wonderful warmth.
A very special island.

Above: The Pietons seen from a helicopter.
Left: A little bay with sailing yachts.
Right: It's a world of hibiscusis...
Rya Skog, Gothenburg – a paradise in spring.
A very small national park.
In spring there are millions of white wood anemones.
Taking walks in the nature with botanical friends is nice.
I forget the rest of the world.

Two starlings come back to my nesting box every year.
They come in the begining of April. It means spring to me.
This spring there also was a blue tit's nest in my garden.
And a magpie nest as well.
My friend, the ornithologist, comes every year and puts a ring on their feet.

Last but not the least, my beloved daughter Jennifer.
And her sweet Icelandic pony called Hella.
Sidan uppdaterad 9 feb 2007